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08-Jul-2017 20:28

Your "phone status and identity": This is, admittedly, one of the creepier permissions that comes up on the permissions list, and one that can certainly set heads scratching.

But this can just mean that the app in question needs to know when your phone is about to ring, so that your game doesn't keep going while you're chatting away.

So, too, do apps with voice control, which are listening -- though not recording -- in order to hear their trigger phrases such as "Okay Google." Facebook Messenger, by the way, wants access to your microphone so you can use its audio chat feature.

Your camera and photos: If you were nervous about having your microphone accessed, then you're probably even more concerned when you see a request to access your camera.

If you're not comfortable with the idea, this is a good time to do a little more research and read the developers' full terms and conditions to see if you can figure out what, exactly, they want to do with your information -- you could also contact the developer if you're feeling proactive.

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It's also not any different from any other messaging app out there.

Here's how to make sense of what to do when an app requests access to a particular part of your phone: Your microphone: Many people look at this app permission and stop immediately, assuming that downloading an app that accesses the microphone means giving a company like Google or Facebook the greenlight to eavesdrop on all of your conversations. Does the app have to listen to your surroundings to function?

Before you jump to conclusions, though, think about the basic features of the app you're using. An app such as Shazam, which identifies songs playing around you, would necessarily have to access your microphone to work.

Certainly some social apps like Facebook or Twitter have legitimate reasons to peer into your address book to do some matchmaking and check if you have friends already using their apps.

But there are a couple of additional things to consider when you grant an app access to your contact list.

This time, the backlash has turned into a melee over user permissions and privacy fears, thanks to incorrect reports from technical neophytes.

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