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As well as having a route that may dictate the stations that are included or excluded in a journey, the restriction code can prohibit travel by time or service at a very granular level.

The restriction data is divided into current and future data.

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The data we need for that is all in the fares feed and as part of that we will be covering the fares restriction data which is a notoriously obtuse set of data.That is to say a ticket is an instance of a fare with validity that starts on a particular date.It’s an important distinction to make as one of the things that must be checked when actually using a ticket is that the journey occurs in a valid timeframe.Firstly, the ticket validity is specified in days and the 8th isn’t complete day but it’s also what it says on the coupon for the ticket.

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In the case of validating a validity period for a fare, it’s only necessary to check that the return journey date is within the maximum validity period (assuming it starts on the date of the outward journey) and after the return period and day of week.Working out group stations is covered in calculating a fare.

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