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08-Oct-2017 14:12

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Contact form Clone button: The clone button duplicates a complete contact form with its settings.

The contact form messages / emails and statistics aren’t duplicated.

There is a settings section info each form that allows to specify the label of the submit button.

The class=”pb Submit” can be used to modify the button styles.

Each row in that list is a contact form submission.

Get the contact form email from the user: The email used as from is a fixed email specified on the contact form settings, this helps to prevent be classified as spam, however when you hit “reply” over the received email, the user’s email address will appear allow you to easily reply the contact form messages. Customizing the captcha image: The captcha image used in the contact form is 100% implemented into the plugin, this way you don’t need to rely on third party services/servers.

Includes a search/filter form with the following options: The CSV file will contain a first row with the field names and the next rows will contain one contact form submission per row, with one for field on each column.

This way you can easily import the data from other applications or just select the columns/fields that you need (example: select only the emails). The list of contact form messages is shown below the search area.

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You can export that data in form of automatic email reports or in CSV/Excel format from the messages list area.

Other features in the contact form builder: Editing the field settings in the Contact Form Builder: When you click a field already added into the contact form builder area, you can edit its details and validation rules.