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Such an answer presumes that this is just another case of gamers being obnoxious. What we are seeing with is not a simple issue of xenophobia or racism.

These may be factors within the conflict, of course, exacerbated by frustration and hostility within the game, but the root cause of a lot of this outrage is not as simple as an irrational and/or bigoted dislike of Chinese people.

I suspect that most players making the complaints have never held a particularly strong opinion on Chinese people, racist or otherwise.

The cause of the enmity seems to be something more tangible and more likely to incite antagonism in players than prejudice; namely that the Chinese How this happened is largely a question of logistics.

Players who don’t want to be a part of that world can play on servers without it: the player versus environment servers (or Pv E).

Everything seemed to be working as intended and even though the servers are not region-locked the brutal violence between players was nothing out of the ordinary for a game that is largely about dinosaur-assisted brutal violence.

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If a group of players does decide that they want to initiate hostilities, and if they happen to be active when their targets are at work or asleep, then their first strike will likely be devastating.The larger player groups descended in numbers on a handful of servers, often it appears as the hangers on to popular game streamers in China.

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