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The relatively nice girls -- including Karen (Busy Phillips), Lisa (Jennifer Carpenter), and Tori (Jessica Caulffiel) -- are willing to welcome these frankly freakish sisters into their fold.

They encourage Brittany and Tiffany to sing along to Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles," and are vaguely titillated when they learn it's "okay" to use the n-word when no black people are around.

Initially, they're proving to their perpetually angry chief (Frankie Faison) that they're good, or at least adequate, agents.

This is hardly obvious, as they are introduced during an undercover assignment that goes terribly wrong (it has to do with mistaking vanilla ice cream for cocaine, because they seem generally more interested in amusing one another with their wigs and accents than in the object of their sting: "Our intelligence was just a little off," they whine).

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will be remembered for the innovative ways creator Sam Esmail has found to portray the mental life of the show's central character, Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek).Singer-songwriter Forest Blakk has been making a name for himself with his own brand of "urban folk".His music is altogether serene and heartfelt, blending folk's natural knack for storytelling with sweeping, pop-accessible arrangements.Katie Couric recently asked Keenen Ivory Wayans whether he thinks his new movie has "broader social significance." He smiled and nodded, then named the "three wells" he thinks White Chicks goes to, that is, race, gender, and class.

As fodder for the Wayans' joke-making, these are pretty much the usual: In Living Color and the Scary Movies, after all, are at their most incisive, interrogations not only of horror movie conventions, but also the cultural climates that produce such conventions. And so, the plot of the well-infused White Chicks: FBI Agents Kevin and Marcus (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) masquerade as wealthy white girls over a Hamptons Weekend.The new regime was suffused with hope and promise—a promise of political change and social betterment.