C datagridview validating

22-Aug-2017 19:12

I would like to manipulate a cell in my Data Grid View when it is validating so that if the user enters a value that is not valid for the database, but is easily converted to valid data, the program will change the value to an appropriate one.I am able to validate my value properly but when I try to change it to something valid I get a Data Error. You should never attempt to change the cell value in the handler for this event, because unless you cancel the event (in which case the user is stuck in edit mode), the cell value is set to the value from the editing control immediately after the event finishes.The rest of the cell validations are perfectly working!How am i supposed to edit the code so that it does not generate this error?For example, for a Your response was great and saved me lots of time.Is there a way to change the dgv cell Style Format and cell Tag from within the Cell Validating event?

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However, when I click on the button to open the child window and close it back, the Data Grid View becomes just a white box with a diagonal cross, and a Null Reference Exception shows. If not, what's the best way to validate a value of the cell and which event to put it in?We are going through the following C# code to analyze the process of validating data in grid cell.