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Title: DISCOVERY OF RADIOACTIVITY 1(No Transcript) 2DISCOVERY OF RADIOACTIVITY 1) Henri Becquerel studies phosphorescent minerals that glow when exposed to light and even afterward. 2) Marie Curie Discovers the radioactive elements Thorium, Polonium, and radium. 1911 Nobel Prize in chemistry (only person ever to win both!

Uses a phosphorescent uranium crystal to expose a photographic plate. ) 1934 Dies from leukemia contracted from years of exposure to radiation. 8(No Transcript) 9(No Transcript) 10A strange new world where substances transform themselves into different substances at highly regular rates. Radioactivity is a property of atoms not molecules or minerals. Pierre Curie (Maries husband) discovered that 1 gram of radium produces 100 calories/hr. Alpha particles the particles produced by alpha decay are helium nuclei.

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Radioactive isotopes spontaneously break down to more stable products at rates that can be measured experimentally. These are the basis of radiometric dating Power is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website.