Cherokee dating practicies

22-Nov-2017 09:59

It is a blend of practices from the people of the Kongo, Benin/Togo, Nigeria and others.

Rootwork or hoodoo, in the Mississippi Delta where the concentration of enslaved Africans was dense, was practiced but under a large cover of secrecy.

You'll get what's coming to you)" Not only is God's providence a factor in hoodoo practice, but hoodoo thought understands God as the archetypal hoodoo doctor.

On this matter Zora Hurston stated, "The way we tell it, hoodoo started way back there before everything.

The Bible, however, is not just a source of spiritual works but is itself a conjuring talisman.

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It can be taken "to the crossroads", carried for protection, or even left open at specific pages while facing specific directions.

According to Carolyn Morrow Long, "At the time of the slave trade, the traditional nature-centered religions of West and Central Africa were characterized by the concept that human well-being is governed by spiritual balance, by devotion to a supreme creator and a pantheon of lesser deities, by veneration and propitiation of the ancestors, and by the use of charms to embody spiritual power.

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