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Parts were slotted together, held in place by tension or by bolts, their ends concealed by screw-on decorative knobs or the like. Mattress-frames Were initially interwoven flat metal straps bolted to angled side rails; but by 1900 various wire mesh and spring arrangements were being hooked to the rails through small holes.

The American Iron Bed Company offers the widest range of iron bed styles available: Exceptional Antique Reproductions, Original Antiques, Cribs, Cradles, Kids Beds and Daybeds, Contemporary and Custom Designs.

The abundance and the clarity of design inherent in these castings are the qualities that give the antique iron bed its value, character and weight.

There are 3 serious problems associated with antique iron frames: missing or badly-fitting side rails, broken hitches (the point at which the rails connects to the bed) and extreme rust Rails are not interchangeable.

When choosing an iron bed for your master bedroom, it's helpful to do a little exploration of your lifestyle.

If you're a type "A" personality, and simply need to create an attractive place to sleep for a few hours, then a thinner gauge frame that isn't filled with bold, heavy castings will work perfectly.

Early candlesticks often had a hole drilled in the socket area so one could pry out the candlestick stub with a knife.

After the 1700s many candlesticks (in an effort to save on money and materials) were cast hollow in two vertical halves than brazed together, so look for seams as a sign of authenticity.

Dents and dings are acceptable facts, especially if the brass is irreplaceable.A little hint of it in the cracks and crevices of a bed's castings is acceptable, but finding a blanket of rust anywhere on the frame is a red flag.Unless eliminated by a professional sandblaster, like the ones employed by A I B, the rust will eventually become a member of the family.Our antique frames were made in America in the late 1800's.

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Most had al strong vertical and horizontal emphasis; some had fancy scrollwork. Cast- and wrought-iron and taper brass tubing; after about 1860, brass-plated steel.