Dating cigarettes

02-Oct-2017 11:14

The brand, founded in 1959, gets its name from the location of its main production base – Hongtashan Hill in Yuxi.

, "Gathering", "Collection", "Assembly") cigarette brand is one of the oldest luxury tobacco brands in the world.

The cigarette is recognized for its smooth and elegant taste. Zhenlong 真龙 – RMB1900/carton This brand is created by China Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Corporation in 2001.

Zhenlong cigarettes are made from Zimbabwe tobacco and high-quality domestic leaf tobacco. Zi Qi Dong Lai (or New Century) 紫气东来 – RMB1400/carton Zi Qi Dong Lai literally means the purple air comes from the east, which is a sign of luckiness in traditional Chinese culture.

In the early 1980s, the trademarks for Sobranie were sold to Gallaher Group, one of the English conglomerates, which continued to produce it, albeit with a modified formula, at various places in Europe.

Gallaher was subsequently purchased by Japan Tobacco.

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The YHS is being administered in Massachusetts public middle schools and both the YHS and YRBS are being administered in Massachusetts public high schools.It is produced in Huaxi Village, which is dubbed China`s richest village, Jiangyin City, Jiangshu province. Hao Rizi 好日子 – RMB1000/carton Hao Rizi, which means “good days,” is made by Shezhen Tobacco Company.

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