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23-Jun-2017 05:22

Get an account, find your chosen () female and try and connect to her.

Text speak is acceptable if you only have 140 characters to communicate in, but try and engage with her intellectually- discuss news, topics she’s interested in etc.

Trying to Facebook friend her to early in your online relationship will definitely be seen as creepy.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one social network- though Google is dominated by men (71% of users are male at present), the women who use it will be more accessible and you can engage with them in a totally different way.

The stages of social media friendship: Twitter for cute comments and chats, Google for in depth discussion where you show off your knowledge (Googled or otherwise) and Facebook for when you get to the next level.

Twitter is a good tool to use for finding out about your beloved geek girl- you’ll get an idea of what she likes, what makes her tick and potentially what her blog is, so you can start to build up an image of what you guys might have in common.

When it comes to complimenting your geek, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

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Now you have the food element covered, it’s time to think about what would really make a date with you stand out.None of the tips were to be taken too seriously; they were a light overview on differences between certain folk, and the strangeness of dating in the digital age.To make things fair, I’m now going to give advice on how to get a geek girl, as both sexes should be equally accounted for.After all, you call puppies cute- is this the same phrase you want to apply to the woman of your dreams?

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Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated (Cadbury’s Galaxy and Blue roses FYI) but they also fall into the mundane world of being traditional, and a geek girl likes to consider that she’s more unique than the standard cookie cutter outline of a women.

We primarily write for a female audience (though we’re more than happy for males to pop along) so I don’t want to annoy girl geeks who feel I’m giving away the get in her pants secrets.