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10-Jan-2018 06:47

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So ignorant comment like yours need to change I think that's a very unfair characterization of all people with Bipolar Disorder. One person does not make us all looney and controlling like this man. I am a bi-polar woman and while I have had problems with relationships, the person you are describing above does not sound like a bi-polar to me. I too have been victimised but because of my vulnerability as someone with a mental health condition. I went into a deep depression after our breakup and became suicidal for 4 months. I have been looking for someone like you to talk to for 15 months now. I think that’s why he would post on the porn web site. I have never ever had sex be more passionate and intense the way that sex was with him. Once when he came over for the weekend he said to me, “we aren’t going to have sex all weekend are we?I am sorry you had to go through all of that but some of us do seek therapy and take our medications and know our triggers and know how we get. He may have said he had been diagnosed bi-polar but deliberate cruelty and undermining of a partner is not how bi-polars are in general. For you to advise people to turn and run rather than have a relationship with a bi-polar SUFFERER is nasty on your part. People who know me, would tell you that is very unusual for me, because I am very upbeat, positive person, always optomistic. I have met a lot of parents, friends, husbands and wives on line regarding their stories, but yours is so similar to mine. It was bad and he wanted others to know he was doing a bad thing. In any event, it was me, (me being a masochist) who actually wanted to have it be not passionate, however, he always knew exactly what to do. =( I really exhausted him physically now that I think about it. That’s all we ever do.” what guy says something like that?Ironically he refused talk therapy as a way to deal with his illness 33.) constantly was negative and often wrote me e-mails in which he would put me, my family or daughter down.

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To be honest I am sure many people with BPD can tell you about how they have been manipulated by others. I hope that you have family that will help you out. You just have to be more careful what is out there and take your time. Daughter, their is nothing to be ashamed of, heck, we all need alittle help sometimes and it is not your fault even though their are people that like to make you feel that it is. i am writing this for anyone who is dating someone that is bipolar or is thinking about dating someone that is bipolar. I have never ever had sex be more passionate and intense the way that sex was with him. I now have a new boyfriend that is extremely supportive and luckily lets me talk through the pain that has not entirely gone away. We would have sex maybe 4 times a month and we were supposed to be getting married. I tried sooo hard to stay to help him, but he shut me out one day out of the blue. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him.

After our first date he was honest and told me he had been diagnosed with biopolar ii disorder and was taking medication.

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