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I believe that we are, at the core of our existence, essentially shallow beings.It is really hard to see "inner beauty" or the benefits of an agreeable personality when the first visual impression you make elicits screaming, profanity, and taking the Lord’s name in vain.There is nothing worse than viewing the same 2-6 women in all of your profile pictures, each of which you have refused to identify yourself in, and having to play ugly girl Russian roulette."I’m the one on the left." Was that so fucking hard?!

But since you probably aren’t going to do that, here is my guide."I am an outgoing, shy, adventurous, cautious, independent person looking to share every part of my life with a spontaneous, reserved, animal rights activist with a hunting license who enjoys folk music and rap metal.Be sure to add this devilish version of Minami to your collection! Good Smile Company - Minami Nitta: Sleeping Little Devil Ver. In the event order limits have been met, the pre-order period will end before the closing date.- Payment accepted via credit card and Pay Pal.Right now I am planning a cross country road trip to attend an environmental convention.

Last year I organized a bus to an anarchy seminar, but the line to get tickets was really long and by the time I got to the front they were sold out of glossy programs.""Hey kids, sit on this couch for nine seasons while I bore you. She was painfully awaiting surgery for a prolapsed uterus and third degree burns from trying to self-administer an exhaust pipe abortion.

She was admitted before I had a chance to scrawl my phone number in penis blood on the back of a Teen People magazine.