Ethan ruan and joe chen dating

03-Aug-2017 22:42

She is rumoured to be dating Roy Qiu, one of her co-stars from Easy Fortune Happy Life.

Do you remember those days when they were chasing the Taiwan idol drama?

And he and Joe Chen, also continue to be the media.

Go to Hongkong propaganda, reported by the media out of the light bulb Baron Chen, "love seat" sleep.

Later they love the exposure, Taiwan media reported Ethan Ruan fell in love with 17 year old Esther Lau, and it is reported that Ethan Ruan took Esther Lau's virginity.

But this relationship because of the strong opposition of the mother's words to break up. When the "green forest" in Sophie and the "sword" in a rather less impressive.

In addition to Joe Chen, often referred to as the actress and Ethan Ruan, one is Esther Lau, one is Tiffany Xu."Green forest" is also a childhood memories.

In those years we have done a Prince Princess knight's dream, fantasy is a princess, both the prince's love, and the knight's guardian.

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Is it really like the net friend said, left the Ethan Ruan Joe Chen, gradually decline?by 7Flowers Ending: Xiang Xin Yong Yuan (相信永遠) Believe In Forever by 183Club & Jason Hsu Synopsis: Albee (Chen Qiao En) is a pampered, high-class young lady who has never experienced any hardship in her life.