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Taking advantage of Protestant disturbance in the colony, William of Orange, King of England, declared the Proprietary's claim forfeited, made Maryland a royal province, and sent over Copley, the first royal governor (1692). In one year there were 10,000 communions in the seminary chapel alone.

The Anglican Church was then made the established church of Maryland, every colonist being taxed for its support. There were fifty-two priests, principally French and American born.

Puritans who had been given an asylum in Maryland rebelled and seised the government (165868) and Catholics were excluded from the administration of the province and restrained in the exercise of their faith. Wheeler, Charles Tiernan, Judge Charles Heuisler, Drs. In his diocese, which comprised Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and the territory west of Georgia to the Mississippi, there were then, according to his estimate, 100,000 Catholics.

When Lord Baltimore again obtained control (1658), religious liberty was restored until 1692. Milholland, Robert Rennert, Robert Jenkins, Henry Rogue, the Messrs. About 10,000 were in Baltimore, having increased to that figure from 800 in 1792.

Priests were forbidden to exercise their functions and Catholic children could be taken from a Catholic parent. In 1642, the Roman Congregation of the Propaganda, at Lord Baltimore's request, sent to Maryland two secular priests, Fathers Gilmett and Territt. The Religious Cabinet, Baltimore, 1842) In accordance with Lord Baltimore's instruction a church was built in the early days at St. William Bretton and his wife, Temperance, in 1661 deeded the ground for the chapel of St. Newtown Manor was afterwards purchased by the Jesuits. They were men of apostolic zeal and disinterestedness. Benedict Neale at Priest's Ford, Harford County, in 1747. Ignatius's Church, Hickory, was established (1792) by the Rev. About 1755, 900 Catholic Acadian refugees settled in Maryland, but the Catholics were forbidden to give them hospitality. In 1903 the Jesuits gave up the church and novitiate. In 1766, the following missions were about 7 attended by Jesuits : St. Conspicuous for unselfish zeal at this period was Rev. cit.; Extracts from Letters of Missionaries, Baltimore, 1877; Sheet, Life and Times of Archbishop Carroll, New York, 1888.) (c) The Catholic Colonists The Catholic population, mostly rural, was generous to the Church and hospitable to the priests. Thus, without the archbishop's knowledge or consent, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Charleston were given for bishops utter strangers, bound by oath of allegiance to England, then at variance with the United States.

Appealed to by Catholics, Queen Anne intervened and the clergy were permitted to perform their duties in the chapels of private families (9 December, 1704). Two Franciscans arrived in 1673, one of whom was Father Masaeus Massey a Santa Barbara, a truly apostolic man. In 1677 a Catholic college was opened by Father Foster, S. The mission at Bohemia, in Cecil County was founded by Father Mansell (1706) the priests of this mission carrying the Faith into Delaware. Inigoes house was established in 1708 end later a chapel was added. Many of them lost the Faith, but some of their descendants still preserve the Faith for which their fathers suffered. John Dubois, at that time the only priest between Baltimore and St. Inigoes, Newtown, Port Tobacco, Whitemarsh, Deer Creek, Fredericktown, Queenstown, Bohemia and Baltimore. William Hunter; whilst for over forty years Father George Thorold laboured in Maryland (170043). We find many deeds and bequests for ecclesiastical purposes in the early records. The Diocese of Baltimore was thus divided into two parts, Maryland and the District of Columbia on the Atlantic, and a thousand miles off Alabama and Mississippi, with Richmond and Charleston between.

(See WASHINGTON and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.) (a) Politico-Religious Beginnings Catholic Maryland, the first colony in the New World where religious toleration was established, was planned by George Calvert (first Lord Baltimore), a Catholic convert ; founded by his son Cecilius Calvert (second Lord Baltimore), and named for a Catholic queen, Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I of England. (d) Division of the Diocese In compliance with Bishop Carroll's request for a division of his diocese, Pius VII (8 April, 1808) issued the Bulls treating four new sees, naming the Rev. Archbishop Neale erected the community of teachers into a house of the Order of the Visitation 28 December, 1817.

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The last three, Benedict Leonard, Charles, and Frederick, were Protestants. Van Bibber, Owen Daly, Alexander Yearley, Harry Benzinger, James R. In his first visitation he confirmed 2,506 persons.A meeting was called at Whitemarsh (27 June, 1783) by the Rev. Charles College, petit seminaire , was begun and built on land donated by Charles Carroll of Carrollton . The memories of the devoted priests who during more than a century have composed its faculties, men of great learning and deep piety, are cherished with loving reverence by the numerous clergy they have taught. Mary's contains the names of one cardinal, 30 bishops, 1.400 priests (Centennial History of St. The Society of Jesus was re-established in Maryland (1805) with the Rev. During the Civil War (1862-63), 140 Sisters of Charity gave their services on the field and in the hospitals. The cathedral was consecrated 5 May, 1876, by Archbishop Bayley. Since 1869, the secular clergy have been in charge. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.