Fox news ticker not updating

01-Nov-2017 01:25

This new world, in which American citizens and values are under constant threat of attack, is preferable to the old one in the cable news business.

In 2001, CNN was reportedly already developing the technology for a constant news ticker.

“And there was a whole lot of opportunity to do stories in a different way — a legitimately different way, and to do stories that others were not interested in.

In lieu of watching the sequence of events again—no more believable for how many times it’d been viewed—the crawl was a place to avert one’s eyes without interrupting the consumption of news. Cable news wears the crawl like a politician wears a flag pin.11 broadcast—it signified the magnitude of the event and the nature of its news—breaking, developing, unfolding.That day, the content of the news ticker reinforced the above-the-fold story.It has become the source of great equity or great evil, depending on your perspective.

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Fox veterans speak with dreamy nostalgia about the early days, which they characterize as a David-vs.-all-the-Goliaths experiment.It disintegrates the intimacy that bonds viewers to their anchor—the relationship that dictates to whom they turn in moments of chaos and crisis.

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