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02-Nov-2017 03:50

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Based in Los Angeles, Grouplove has released three albums to date—all of which are homage to their messy, wonderful lives. and go up to moody Seattle which we all love and soak up the scene up there.

The band formed in 2009 when Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi met in New York. In the past, the musical tradition has really affected our lives so it was great to go up there and work with Phil and change it up and try something new.

We’re always striving to get over the struggle and progress and evolve as humans and as a band.

I think, for our fans too, they’re coming with us as well.

CZ: Yeah, you know, I’m from New York, Hannah is from San Francisco and Ryan and Andrew from L.

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I was playing the song “Enlighten Me” just like solo and the whole crowd sang the chorus as loud anything I’ve ever heard before, so it was really special to know it is translating and people are digging it.

We were surprised by it by making music together without being serious about being in a band.

For the first time we all kind of let go a little bit, let our guard down and let all those different influences affect us, and we weren’t so serious.

AXS: Is there anything specific you look forward to the most when you release an album? By the time you release a record you’ve been sitting with it, you’ve been toiling over it over a year, year and a half and you kind of lose perspective on it – I mean you think it’s great and stuff, but you never know if it’s going to do well … I think the excitement of finally getting it out to the world and letting people share the last two years of your life.

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AXS: Now, I just heard the baby, with that Segway, you guys took off a little bit of time while Hannah had the baby – is it exciting to come back and see where everything falls with this new record, tour dates and a family?

When we met each other we never thought we’d be in a band because of all those things – the differences and locations – so, the fact that it worked out …

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