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I say all that to commend Warner Home Video for releasing this first set of Hammer goodies. We’re told that the film experts on the WB lot are looking at the restoration issues in Horror of Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein.The general consensus is that they’re all winners, color and quality-wise, even if they aren’t given any extras beyond original U. Horror Classics: Four Chilling Movies from Hammer Films contains two Christopher Lee thrillers from the Dracula franchise, an excellent Peter Cushing Frankenstein installment, and the stars together in a real classic, the company’s first Mummy movie.Made under license from Universal pictures, it remains a favorite of most of the Hammer faithful.It was my first experience with horror film at age eight, so my personal enthusiasm for it is enhanced by joyous nostalgia.Detractors call the Egypt flashbacks tacky, but they say the same of ancient pageant epics with thousands of extras.Fisher keeps his frame alive with simple pans, perfectly timed.The SATFW comes standard with a Wilkinson Tremolo and classic Hamer controls and switch orientation.The Sunburst SATF-TBK is based on the Hamer Studio body, the third classic Hamer design introduced in 1977.

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The magic of a living mummy proves that his religion is a real force in the world. It’s unreasonable to expect John Banning to turn the other cheek at this stage of the colonial game . It’s all-out war against the unholy magic that has killed John’s father and Uncle. Why John Banning is wasting time in his library looking at scrolls, when Isobel is upstairs, makes us question his virility.Built with a full depth dovetail neck joint and fitted with a Hamer Dog Eared P-90, the SPJ provides resonance galore.