How to hack live sex webcams

19-Nov-2017 06:47

Well, that and make sure you keep your kit on while it's in use.

There are more money-saving ways to keep your tech and privacy secure, and they're often the most effective means of foiling unwanted onlookers, too.

You've probably seen people in your local coffee shop with a bit of sticky tape, part of a post-It note or a plaster over their laptop's camera - heck, even Facebook founder and full-on billionaire Mark Zuckerberg does just that.

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While the Siime Eye was most likely aimed at users who to broadcast some intimate uses for the device, giving neighbors and anyone in Wi-Fi range easy access to its stream poses an obvious security and privacy risk.

On top of this, there have been multiple instances of hackers using these unlawful techniques to spy on people they know.