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28-Jun-2017 08:49

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A new incremental updating algorithm rule growing algorithm (RGA) is presented for efficient maintenance discovered association rules when new transaction data is added to a transaction database.The algorithm RGA makes use of previous association rules as seed rules.Comparing with the traditional algorithm, the improved algorithm is fast, efficient in incremental data mining and can find trends in association rules.The decision making reliability is enhanced by the association rules obtained from the improved algorithm.By RGA, the seed rules whether are strong or not can be confirmed without scanning all the transaction DB in most cases.If the distributing of item of transaction DB is not uniform, the inflexion of robustness curve comes very quickly, and RGA gets great efficiency, saving lots of time for I/O.This paper studies the problem of incremental maintenance of frequent sequences when the underlying database is modified over time.

In this letter, on the basis of Frequent Pattern(FP) tree, the support function to update FP-tree is introduced, then an Incremental FP (IFP) algorithm for mining association rules is proposed.

It is undesirable to mine the sequential patterns from scratch each time when a small set of sequences change.

Incremental updating algorithm should be developed to deal with such situation.

The risk analysis of the strong association rules is proposed for trend forecasting.

And the risk degree of the lost rules based on the incremental mining is also analyzed.

So, the research of incremental updating algorithms is particular important.

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