Infinite members dating dating the wrong men

17-Aug-2017 23:05

After a few less than joyous conversations with slick-haired finance guys who wanted to know why I’d ruined my looks by getting tattoos and having short hair, I bemoaned to a friend that there wasn’t a version of Tinder with less Tories.

She suggested I try Ok Cupid, which turned out to be far better suited to my purposes.

That I had also started to date women was a part of this too; it helped me to stop seeing every woman outside of myself as physical competition, someone to be rated against.

Dating was so surprisingly good and so fun, at least for someone like me in no rush to find a serious partner.

The constant awareness of them all became too much, just waiting there day and night for me to talk to them, and then meet them, and then fall in love with them, and then..then?

Quite a few were one-half of an open relationship which, it turned out, was sort of perfect for me.

Without the usual framework of “fall in love, become committed, break up” to work within, I didn’t know how to mourn. For all the usual depressing and deep-seated reasons, being single could not merely mean what it means (alone, independent).