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We figured we should do something to get in shape, but we hate working out. Did drummer Spencer Smith do more songwriting for this album? Between the two of us, it was about trying to figure out who was going to play which instruments. Then we throw what we call ‘ear candy’ all over the songs in the studio. He was kind enough to invite us over to his house to write some songs for a day. I’ve recently been reading about Tesla coils and I’m trying to figure out how I can get a Tesla coil that sits on the stage and shoots sparks without hurting anybody.

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He quickly finds out that this school holds a secret (rather deadly) club and one member in particular catches his eye.

Brendon is too loud, but for reasons he can't help. He uses music to scream aloud, and the others might just have beats of there own to help with his songs.

Ryan is silent with his wishes, never asking for what he wants. [Depressing themes.] Patrick's heart froze in his chest, and he decided to try copy Kevin's valiant attempt at a glare.

Brown eyes stared softly, yet deeply- and Patrick felt his nose twitch nervously.

This was…weird, but whatever- these pagans had been nothing but weird since they'd arrived, so- "Him." Patricks been moved to a new school where he knows nobody by his career-crazy father who is determined to see Patrick become a doctor even if that requires squashing Patrick's other dreams of learning guitar.Ryan leads the typical, average guy life: a shitty job, a shittier boss, and a wish to be someone else.

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