Mandy musgrave and matt cohen dating

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One of the main focuses include the relationship between Spencer Carlin (Gabrielle Christian) and her bisexual friend, Ashley Davies (Mandy Musgrave).

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The show is also available for download on Amazon Unbox service and viewable on a compatible PC, TV, or portable video player.

However, this service is only available in selected countries. Episodes can also be viewed on Logo's official website.

Nickelodeon and struck a deal to produce DVDs of new and old Nickelodeon shows.

However, on March 21, it was announced that the final half of the third season had been pushed back to the fall.

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South of Nowhere returned for the remainder of its third season on October 10, 2008 and ended its run on December 12, 2008.

During the break between episodes, interviews were shown with two of the stars, Gabrielle Christian and Matt Cohen, during commercial breaks.