Matt leinart dating

30-Jan-2018 11:49

Leinart proposed to Loren, an actress, over the weekend.

She shared a photo on Instagram showing off the ring: Woke up this morning (with a headache) thinking last night was a dream but my left hand told me it was real…yep, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

As he sits at second on the depth chart for yet another season, the questions are becoming increasingly louder as to just how capable of playing at this level Leinart really is. In all honesty, I really don't think he has been given a legitimate shot at being the No. Even further, when he did get the chance to start, he actually did show a lot of potential and promise. Leinart still is the only rookie quarterback to lead his team to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter in his first two games started.

In fact, local fans have even begun to use the word 'bust' when mentioning his name on the daily talk radio shows. He was injured shortly after that and then battled, and lost, with Warner for the job the next season. It also happened to be that some now-infamous beer bong pictures came to light during that off-season.

If I were able to interview one player on the 2009-2010 Arizona Cardinals—I would have to choose Matt Leinart.

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The drama with his baby mama and that juicy text message scandal with the star of a popular reality show are things of the past.

The pictures were fairly innocent enough and showed young Matt in all his party glory—holding a beer bong while a young college coed swallows it down, sitting in the hot tub with three girls—but they are all pretty innocent enough in nature.

Especially when you consider what Leinart probably witnessed and did while in his heyday at USC and in Paris Hilton's bedroom alone!

So Matt Leinart presents a bit of an enigma within himself and his career.

He presents a story that so far is not fully told and could even be an unpolished gem—perhaps sitting on the Cardinals bench, a young Elway still in the making, without any of us even knowing.

Those teams were out NFL in the LA area and every Saturday became our Sunday morning as the Trojans rolled out superstar after superstar onto the field, year after year.

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