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I’ve written an extensive essay on that interpretation of the term, which may be found here. Most of the popular ones can be found in the other FAQs referenced in the Additional Resources section of this FAQ.Ultimately, however, otherkin are the people who choose to be members of the online otherkin community, the wider otherkin subculture, and/or self-identify as otherkin.This is to be expected, as my own elven life was not among the Tulari.It was among another group of elves that might be considered a cousin to them on a world called Alorya.If you’re new to the community, this is probably one of your biggest questions. The internet is, hands down, the best place to find otherkin.Even if you’re looking for a real-life, face-to-face meeting the internet is probably the best place to arrange it.Frankly, this document exists because I am generally dissatisfied with the other otherkin FAQs currently in existence.

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That’s not because people don’t want to give you one, but because no one has ever been able to get the members of the otherkin community to agree on a single definition.Worst, most seem to have a penchant for addressing the wrong questions.