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17-Aug-2017 05:16

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You may not have a problem with being tied down at this age.. Update: Well I did end up leaving the man with the kid, and to be honest have not looked back once. It was the best decision for me, i want to have the experience of having children with a man who has not had it before. How about this I am dating a man with one child he knows is his biological child and 2 kids that are not but he claim them as well because his mom said they were his child but the papers say they are not but the mon said they were in there life sense the day they were born so they continue to let the children call him dad. Life is challenging and I've made it through so many tricky situations and come so far that I can't believe that I would ever 'settle' for this type of 2nd best situation!and you usually change your entire perspective on kids by this age. The kids have no idea that he's not there biological father but he is so eager to do for the kids that are not his and the child that is his blood go figure he don't do anything for this child and he can't support these kids that his mom wants him to claim. But I did I ignored my gut, because he was 'a nice guy'. In fact I have now dated 3 guys with kids over the years..never works.Those feeling will crop up no matter how much you love him.Please never listen to anyone that’s puts you down because you smart enough to say – actually didn’t weren’t stupid enough to get preggers so why do I have to deal with this.... Funny thing is I have traditional homely values – I love looking after my man, family values are so dear to me, but I want that to be my family. So not only are you doing their washing, cooking cleaning but their kids. I now come to realise that I have just been too nice to these guys with kids.

Without past experiences, there are no learning experiences and a man without this may be as immature as a man in his early twenties when it comes to his own life. I am not saying to not give it a try because of age. But when you're living with someone else’s it's a whole different story.

It is what it is and if you like him, look at how tied down he is with his kids? These are all things that can determine whether or not it can work.. it is my birthday and he cant spend any time with me because he is busy with is girl. you are pretty much in the worst place in your life when there is someone else's child involved. Let me just say that I have soooo much respect for any man that faces up to his responsibilities. But they should also be realistic about the type of women they can now get with.

Do they live with him, does he have an every other weekend schedule? but if you have plans to move when school is out, this may not be an option for him, so then it won't work. The trouble was my ex did tell me he wanted his kids to live with him, but it wasn’t ‘real’ until it happened and I just had to sit back and be 2nd best or get out.

In your late teens and early twenties: Date a man WITHOUT kids.

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In your late twenties: Date a man WITHOUT kids or prior marriages if possible In your thirties and forties: Date a man WITH kids and prior marriages as long as he is secure with himself, his kids are a priority and he is honest with you on where you stand.

Everything happens for a reason and you will meet that someone where everything will fall perfectly into place. and to tell you the truth this was the worst thing i have ever done in my life. It’s such a shame because I get it, I get what they’re trying to do –BUT it DOESN’T work. “I can’t see you this weekend cause the kids are sick”- and so on so on.

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