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16-Dec-2017 04:24

Her mother Kathleen brings her a piece of chocolate cake and some comforting advice (um, I would have loved some chocolate cake when I came out!) Her mother says Grace could be questioning her identity, but tapers this with that she doesn’t really think Grace is gay, and that she hopes Grace isn’t gay because life is so much harder for gay people, especially in high school.Enter Ricky, who chastises Amy and congratulates Anne on expressing who she really is.Amy leaves in a huff (her child has been conveniently entertained by someone else this whole time), and back at their home, Ricky tries to get Amy to see that she’s being cruel, and that while Amy may want her family to remain the way they were growing up, that’s not going to happen.

She and Grace touch lips — once, twice —before Grace rears back, flips out, and runs from the apartment.(Insert crack about gay jeans being really skinny here.Yeah, they went there.) By the end of the episode, Amy and her friends are gathered around Amy’s locker, dishing on this new gossip: Adrian and Grace are gay.Faulty logic again prevails), and Amy’s friends finally let her know that people aren’t gossiping about her wedding, they’re gossiping about her mother being gay (Amy denies this is true), and that Amy is gay, too. I’d like to take one moment here to say that the best character of the whole show, the most articulate and sane person to grace the melee, is Jacob, Grace’s half-brother from Zimbabwe who has come to live with them and basically be awesome and state the truth in all matters (“Why does everyone care so much if someone is gay? Sidenote: Amy has a two year old son, but is forever well dressed, showered, coiffed, thin, and not carrying him, with vague references to “the nursery.” I’m hoping viewers supplement themselves with a few episodes of for a reality check.

There’s a swell of emotional music as Amy’s face registers with ultimate horror. The pinnacle of the whole episode, though, is when Adrian situates herself across from Grace on the couch in their apartment, donning a slinky bathrobe, and Grace asks her to kiss her, for curiosity’s sake.The next day, Adrian flaunts the rumor-not-rumor of her and Grace’s kiss with pleasure, and Grace begs her sort-of-boyfriend beefcake Jack to get back together with her and have sex, lots and lots of sex, 24/7, to prove she isn’t gay.