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Before women were admitted to the academies in 1976 as a result of Congressional fiat (that the Academies fought until they had to accept), "no sex" was virtually a non-issue—expressed only as a ban on gay sex, cause for expulsion from the military, not just the academies.And it wasn't the academies, or even the military, that criminalized gay sex: that was the doing of society.The midshipmen's short version of this is "no sex in the Hall"—Bancroft Hall, their common dormitory.

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Homosexual acts are no longer criminal in the world outside, and homosexual orientation is no longer grounds for dismissal from the military.Another article, the one forbidding sexual contact between officers and enlisted, has also been used to outlaw sexual contact between different enlisted ranks, as it is at the service academies.Each class year at the academies has a separate rank, rising (at USNA) from Midshipman 4th Class, or MIDN 4/C (freshmen, usually called plebes) to MIDN 1/C, seniors.It also means even less sleep in an institution that already insists against all evidence that it can teach students to function on a boat under sleep-deprived conditions by depriving them of sleep for their four years of college—and then punishing them for "unprofessional" behavior when they nod off in class.

(There are also suddenly mandatory musters in the middle of the night to ensure that students are really trying to sleep rather than do something else.) More fundamentally, this new policy renders more intense the atmosphere of fear and repression that has always ruled the service academies.But any sexual acts, in any combination(s) of men and women, are.

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