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19-Jul-2017 13:02

Thank You Jenny Emma (another member of staff) and i thought Dagma needed a well deserved break from what can be fairly mundane kennel life especially for a dog whose as advanced as he is (by advanced I mean confident, kennel clean, walks on a lead, calm, well behaved etc.).

So, we decided to take him to Pembrey Beach for the day.

You really couldnt have asked for a more perfect companion...a "normal" dog couldn't have been better behaved, let alone a rescue...

Dagmar is available to foster or adopt so if you are interested please visit our official website and read more about him.

Seagulls did too, but again he wasn't interested in chasing them despite someone encouraging him to LOL. He met other dogs perfectly and even joined in line to sit for a treat from a passer by which was rather funny and very cute.

He passed what looked like a school of noisey children without panicking and then he sat next to us on the floor while we had some lunch in the Cafe there.

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We have had to say goodbye to a few dogs that unfortunately didn’t make it to their happy endings.It is very hard and it does break my heart to see the dogs in bad condition.As you can see from the picture, some dogs are matted down to their skin, have bad skin sores, covered in fleas.There were some more very special/clever/funny moments from Dagmar..because I do tend to waffle on a bit...i am going to save them for whoever fosters or adopts him!

Before we left, Dagmar stopped in his tracks, turned around and took one last look at the beach and sea ... I wasn't expecting to be so upset when it was time to put him back in his kennel.

This was Dagmars very first time out in the real world but he was cool, calm and collected for the whole trip.