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Firstly, I want to make clear that no negotiation is possible with any organization like ISIS, because the leaders, as well as the followers, are deep believers of the wahhabi-salafi creed, by which Allah has ordered them: – To spare no effort to impose sharia worldwide, – To live in the same manner as lived the early companions of the prophet Muhammad, i.e.

beard and kameez for the men, burqa for the women, – To consider a sin any occupation that is not prayer and related activities, i.e.

"Afghanistan" was somewhat more on Obama's radar than in past speeches, getting a total of seven mentions — if derivatives like "Afghan" and Afghani" are included — but far from at the forefront.

In the 2009 word cloud, it shows up just twice and in 2010 three times.

A quick survey of the 2011 wordle above shows that, like in last year's address, jobs and all things economy dominated.

Obama mentioned the word "jobs" 25 times Tuesday night; that's two more mentions than in last year's address and 11 more than in his speech before Congress in 2009.

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– To chop off the heads of all convinced of atheism or converting to another religion.

After all, the thought exercise helped Sharro come up with one solution: Rereading these works in light of the infuriating problem of the Islamic State, two discouraging findings stand out.