Tips dating chinese man

22-Sep-2017 04:31

Take you ass to colleges/universities and later go to alumni events.For the younger ones, study your ass off for the SAT/ACT, get some scholarships and take your butt to college! They're on big campuses, little campuses, even HBCUs--stop laughing there are Asians that attend HBCUs.It's fucking expensive to move, you have to find new friends, get used to new locations, make sure you have a job, etc.But if you truly feel like your life where you're living now is going nowhere, then it's always an option. Feeling much better now so I'm getting black to blogging. I was sick earlier this week, then was dealing with some stress with work.

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Generally I don't recommend anyone just up and move someplace where maybe they think they'll do better in the dating field.And I'm even breaking out my overpriced Wacom tablet to created images to go along with the posts.