Validating image checksum

03-Oct-2017 18:37

ls Directory: C:\Users\me\Downloads Mode Last Write Time Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a--- 1/6/2016 PM 1142 Fedora-Server-23-x86_64-a--- 1/6/2016 PM 2149580800 Fedora-Server-DVD-x86_64-23PS C:\Users\me\Downloads $download_checksum = [System. it should read thus: $expected_checksum = ((Get-Content $checksum_file | Select-String -Pattern $image) -split . File]:: Read All Bytes Hi Seymour, I just validated the Fedora-Live-Cinnamon-x86_64-23-10but it took me a little longer than expected.If you are downloading Ubuntu you can find the checksums by visiting

To do this, the checksum is included in the release notes of each version.You should refer to the checksums on the Linux Mint website when it becomes available.