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D., of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Health Care Innovation in the September Annals of Internal Medicine.

Not only is the time spent between doctors and patients shorter, but there is no check-in at the desk and no need for expensive waiting rooms.

After ruling out anything more serious, she prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Within 24 hours of getting an antibiotic, Moore, a custom-home builder, bounced back.

Antall discovered that her new patient had suffered from a mild cold for about a week that had suddenly turned into something much more painful.

She asked him to squeeze the glands below his jaw and the area below his eyes to test for sensitivity and to describe "the color of whatever was coming out of my nose." "You can tell a lot by looking at people," Antall says.

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En español | Bill Moore was attending his niece's wedding in Utah when he suddenly came down with a headache, sore throat and sinuses that he says were "killing me." He didn't know if his Vermont doctor could prescribe antibiotics several time zones away and disliked the prospect of tracking down a walk-in clinic.These companies are annually treating hundreds of thousands of patients who opt for convenience and a low fee — typically around — to get medical advice and sometimes a prescription for low-level ills such as allergies, pinkeye, rashes and even sports injuries.