Who are the twilight stars dating

25-Nov-2017 21:30

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It can be recalled that the "Snow White and the Huntsman" actress and girlfriend So Ko have already called it quits after dating for a few months.Robert Pattinson called off engagement with FKA Twigs Meanwhile, Inquisitr has reported that Robert Pattinson is now planning to dump FKA Twigs.One hundred per cent." When the cameras were rolling and the pair was asked the dating question, Stewart insisted she will never discuss her love life, while fun-loving Pattinson joked that the actress was pregnant.Stewart then quipped that Pattinson was having the baby.Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's closest aides have confirmed the actors are dating "100 %" in an off-air chat with Oprah Winfrey, according to reports.The talk show queen was prepping the onscreen lovers for a taped interview, which will air on May 13, when their "people" confessed they were an item for real.

As popular as bingeing entire seasons (and even series) has become, consumers have always hungered for bite-size morsels of entertainment — programming that requires little up-front investment.

, TV was filled with programming even more appealing to audiences with limited attention spans: the episodic anthology.

Rather than telling their tales over eight or ten episodes, as the modern-day anthology series does, golden-age classics such as creator Greg Garcia focusing on the misadventures of an ever-changing cast of vacationeers.

Just like the TV movie-of-the-week — another now-extinct genre — every episode of an anthology show had to be marketed and promoted as its own miniature event, a difficult proposition once cable exploded in the 1980s and audiences suddenly had lots of viewing choices (vs. Even the mighty Steven Spielberg couldn’t make the form work: His 1985 attempt to revive anthologies, NBC’s But the concerns about marketing and viewer attachment that sunk anthologies in the past don’t apply in the age of streaming, at least not to the same extent they once did.

For a streaming-only outlet such as Netflix, which releases all episodes of a season at once, there’s simply no need to worry about having to sell a “new” show every week.

All of a sudden, short-form storytelling has found its way back onto the TV menu — and the reasons why have a lot to do with the ripple effects of Peak TV.

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