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30-Nov-2017 23:25

I knew I would feel the same crazy love and I felt way more together. I have a pretty small frame and I have huge babies. I don’t know if I could marry someone who didn’t come off that way. I feel like both parents should equally take care of their children.

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I think I was very, very overwhelmed and unfamiliar with how in love I would be and I freaked out. I didn’t want anybody comparing themselves to that picture, because I felt that it was misleading and I didn’t want to mislead anybody. Then she got stuck, so they had to rush and deliver her by C-Section. I had the blues over my delivery for a couple of weeks.

MT: Was it harder for you to go from no kids to one, or one kid to two?

I think I had a tougher time going from no kids to one, just because I’ve never loved anyone that much in my life. I don’t Photoshop my pictures, because when people meet me in person, I don’t want them to think that anything that I do is fake.

Love you sister,” Jessie posted Thursday on Instagram.

The pitcher, who has played for the Padres, Astros, Rangers and most recently in Japan, presented Sydney Rae with a 2.5-carat diamond dazzler by jeweler Jacqueline Nerguzian as they hiked Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, according to The Knot.

“He did pretty darn good,” Sydney Rae gushed on Instagram.