Who is fantasia dating now

26-Jan-2018 17:46

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Take your final fantasy to a place where the romance can really get on a roll.

This can be your own bedroom, decked out with candles, rose petals, a bubble bath at the ready, and romantic music OR, if you really want to indulge, a fancy hotel suite with room service and a couples massage!

"There were things that were still fixing and knots that we were still trying to untangle in dealing with Fantasia," she tells Singers Room.

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(My favorites would be a Tepanyaki style restaurant, or The Melting Pot.) Dessert comes later… Now that you’ve walked off a little of your dinner while at the lingerie boutique, you are ready for a fancy, decadent dessert.You can write the address on the back of the card, or just set up a GPS plan with each of your stops pre-programmed so you don’t waste any time getting lost.