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Duff basically gave a polite "no thanks," and carried on with her life.

In 2013, Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy on his birthday. In 2015, he released his new single, "Ooh Wee," and has started performing his new material on his Wonderful World Tour.

He's literally posting about Joie [his daughter's mother] to get on my nerves and it's not working.

He's posting it to fu*k with her head and to try to get a reaction out of me. He's an abuser." "When it comes to Shad, this is the man I at one point really considered marrying.

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Having to make executive decisions about your Myspace Top 8 was just too much pressure for our little puberty-addled brains to handle.But thats okay, because when your friends were totally leaving you out on their trips to the mall to go buy butterfly clips, you could just sit at home and watch your copy of for the 1230958th time. Teen musician heartthrob, Oliver James, who was guaranteed to chase away any angsty teenage blues you might have.