With one voice singleness dating and marriage

24-Jul-2017 13:42

As an aside, it’s important to remember that godly singles are just as equipped to serve in leadership as married people, that marriage is not a requirement for godliness or leadership, and that to love the singles in church is to treat them with the same esteem as married people.

The Instagram algorithm takes these photos, measures the way people interact with them, blows them up, the likes are #insane, and subconscious positive reinforcement tells us: (insert robotic voice) more more more, guys guys guys, must have boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend.

On that note, when it comes to education, some practical instruction might be helpful to singles: How should men and women interact? They need to know that marriage requires death to self in the form of mutual submission (including the husband’s Christlike servant leadership and the wife’s church-like submission to her husband) and that marriage will bring complication and hardship.

At the same time, singles also need to hear that marriage done right, as couples seek to honor God in their marriages and homes, can bring great joy and satisfaction, as it is a vehicle to fulfill God-given desires for love, sex, friendship, and family.

Educate on how to have godly guy-girl relationships (in person and online), learning to love brothers and sisters in Christ Teach how to Biblically live singly (i.e., like Christ, with wholehearted devotion to God, in contrast to living for self, as the world teaches).

It’s also important to teach that those who choose to live singly for the sake of caring for “the things of the Lord” (1 Corinthians ) choose well, that they are not “less adult” or incomplete because they are unmarried.All my not-so-single ladies: I promise if I followed you, I would like all your couple photos *in a heartbeat* because they’re adorable and this post isn’t dedicated to bashing dating or marriage (gosh no way! ), it’s to propel a message that society doesn’t usually propel and draw a boundary that’s keeping my single girls from attaining everyday peace.

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