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23-Jun-2017 14:31

Today, there are clearly-marked zebra crossings where drivers will have to wait for pedestrians to pass.

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They are now wearing Jeans (even though the traditionally plump nature of many Ghanaian women, with their huge bottoms, means some of them don't look fine in jeans).

It is acceptable but strange to see someone eating fufu, banku, diehuo (TZ), with a spoon.

Old age is still very much respected in the Ghanaian society.

Waving with the left hand is considered as a sign of extreme arrogance, just the same way as pointing with the left, and giving, receiving or eating with the left hand.

Certain traditional meals are eaten with the right hand.In Ghana a woman can surely wear shorts, skirt or trousers, but acceptable dressing out of doors is less liberal than the typical women's summer wear in Europe.